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Please have a look at this image:
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I'm re-checker at a school - re-check notebooks already checked by the subject teachers. The principal has given me a page that explains how I should re-check the notebooks. She has advised me that if I find such mistakes (mentioned in the image), I should underline that word/sentence and mention the concerned symbol/letter (given on the image) on one side of the notebook page.

I can call the method given in the image "Notebook checking method/scheme". But I wonder what I should call the page on which that method is given.
Would I still call the page "Notebook checking scheme/method"?:rolleyes: (It sounds odd to refer to a page as "Notebook checking scheme/method", doesn't it?)

Thanks a lot.
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    Why do you need a name for the page?
    This page is usually in the principal's office - in her file. Yesterday, when I was re-checking notebooks in my office, I called in a child and asked:
    Bring notebook checking method from principal's office.
    In this sentence, by "method", I meant "page"...so it sounded odd to me to refer to the page as method. I think I should have said:

    Bring notebook checking scheme page from principal's office.

    But it still doesn't sound right, because it's now become too lengthy with the inclusion of one more word.

    (After the school, I am to return that page to the principal, but yesterday I forgot to bring that page from principal office.)


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    Just refer to it as the "checking scheme". Bring the checking scheme from the principal's office.

    If you wanted to look at a report, you wouldn't say: Show me the papers on which the report is printed, would you?
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