a parachute's aegis of golden silk

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sisse nar

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This is a sentence from <Tri-Stan: I sold sissee nar to ecko> by David F. Wallace

"So favored was Agon M . Nar, industry legend had it , by company CEOs Stanley, Stanley & Stanley, as well as by Stasis, God of Passive Reception himself, & too so blest with savvy, that by the time his three lovely maidens - whom he now saw & adored every third weekend - had undergone their first Surgical Enhancements, Agon M. Nar had actually vanquished the esurient, heavy-hitting & high-profile Reggie Ecko of Venice as Recombinant Head of all Tri-Stan, R. Ecko of V. falling then gently back to the basin's pastel earth, deposed & just royally pissed, under a parachute's aegis of golden silk."

I don't get what does 'under a parachute's aegis of golden silk'. Is there any expression in English?
  • exgerman

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    English but my first language was German
    An aegis is something that protects.

    A golden parachute is a large gift from a corporation to a departing executive (Reggie in this case).

    I assume that the word golden is a transferred epithet.

    I don't understand the point of silk, unless it means that the parachute was padded to assure a soft landing.


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    Most parachutes are made of nylon now, but earlier they were made of silk (thus "to hit the silk," meaning to bail out of a plane).
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