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    Hi. This time I am needing help to translate in the right way this short expression: "a parent's rights". Part of the full sentence is the following:

    ".........unless there is a court order, law, or legal document (such as in a divorce or custody document) that terminates a parent's rights."

    My wondering is if the preposition "a" can be translated as "con", to say "con los derechos del padre"; o "unos derechos del padre?".

    I was reserching about it, but not luck.

    Thanks for all your comments!
  2. Tazzler Senior Member

    American English
    "a" is the indefinite article!
  3. flyingcabbage Senior Member

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    Como Tazzler ha dicho, "a" es el artículo, sólo quiere decir "un".

    "...que ponga término a los derechos de un padre". Es una situación hipotética y refiere a los derechos de cualquier padre que se encuentre frente a esta ley.
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    I agree. :)
  5. floringo

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    Increible su ayuda, estimados colegas.. Thank you very much!

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