A parti invertite


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Vorrei tradurre la seguente frase: “A parti invertite, diresti le stesse cose?”
Ho letto nel forum che esiste l’espressione idiomatica “When the boot/shoe is on the other foot”, potrebbe essere applicata alla frase?
"When the boot is on the other shoe, would you use the same words?" Oppure “If roles were reversed, would you say the same things?”
C’è qualche espressione che rende meglio quel “a parti invertite” ?
  • GavinW

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    No, you can't say "If roles were reversed,..."
    You can say: "If the boot were on the other foot,..." (not "When..."). But each sentence may have a particular register or tone that might preclude the use of this phrase, since it's a bit colloquial.
    I also have a nagging feeling there may be 1 or 2 other ways of saying this in English.


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    I'm assuming that the context is: if the speaker were in the same situation/position as the listener, would he or she say the same things.
    I would say "If the roles were reversed..." As for footwear, in the US we say, "If the shoe [not boot] were on the other foot." One could also say, "If the tables were turned.."
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