a party, a woman, death

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Does "a party, a woman floundering in her mid-30s, death" mean "(the drama is talking about) a party, (talking about) a woman struggling in her mid-30s and (talking about) death"?


THE latest hit on Netflix turns out to be a magic trick in eight parts. As Russian Doll begins, everything looks fairly ordinary for a TV drama – a party, a woman floundering in her mid-30s, death – then, with a single twist, it becomes extraordinary.

This dark comedy stars Natasha Lyonne as Nadia, a foul-mouthed New Yorker who we soon learn is stuck in a time loop, repeatedly living through the night of her 36th birthday. She dies, only …

Sosurce: New Scientist. Russian Doll: To escape the multiverse, think like Einstein
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