a party of one, or an "ace" in restaurants

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Je cherche à traduire la phrase suivante:

"When waiting on parties of one, or an “ace” as they are called in the restaurant business, special attention should be paid to them. They are generally in and out quicker than other parties, and they are usually the best percentage tippers."

Je comprends le sens d' "ace" mais cette expression existe-t-elle dans le jargon de la restauration en France? Parle-t-on d'"as" ou y a-t-il une expression consacrée?
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    I think ace refers both to the fact that 1) the customer is an individual/singleton - an ace card representing "one" and 2) the fact that they are the best tippers - ace meaning "top-notch" "the best" expert.
    Can "as" have both meanings in French?
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