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What does it mean when someone says, "It was a party party." How about "a job job" instead of "a job"?
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    There is a passage in the New York Times which reads:

    ''It's nice to have people pursuing careers be with the customers who are in the same boat.''
    Mr. Seelen nods. ''It's not a job job we have here. There's some emotion to it.''

    Somebody wrote in his blog as follows:

    the types of food/drinks you have reflect the type of party if you have party pies and beer its a party party (informal)
    if you have dips with chips and cheese platter and wine its a party (Formal)

    I'm wondering if this differenciation is common.


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    It's used in informal speech to mean that it constitutes that thing in its complete sense. When you say it, the stress must be put on the first word.

    Therefore, a PARTY party (I use caps to indicate stress) means a real party with all the fun associated with it. A JOB job would mean just a job, which you do mainly to earn your salary.
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