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Hi there!

I'd like to know who a party professionals are in the political context, e.g. "the Democratic Party professionals". Are they some kind of specialists or just members of the party?

I'll be most grateful for your help!
  • Oeco

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    I think they might be people who work at the higher levels of the party (polling, advising, getting the vote out, going on talk shows, etc.). "Professional" would suggest that they get paid to perform such work.


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    Sometimes the phrase means "people that work (full-time, year-round, for a salary) for the Democratic Party". That would fit the term "professional" and how it is used in other places.

    It could also mean "party higher-ups", as Oeco says. There may be low-level, unimportant full-time employees, but it is less likely that someone is writing about them.

    Different writers may use the term differently.

    If you give us an actual quote, and tell us its source, we may be able to be more precise.
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