A passage about electric cars


Hi guys!
i am to translate a movie about renewable energies from English into Russian.
well there's a passage that's quite embarrassing for me. Difficult parts are colored red.

Even today, in our first cars, we can decide when we want to recharge. We're looking forward to working with the power companies so that it fits the cycle – in the middle of the night, for instance, or if there's a very strong wind – and a lot of the companies now have more wind power in their portfolio. That's going to be very important. The next phase is to send electricity in both directions – when you suddenly need a bit more power, when everyone feels like cooking, for instance, you can borrow energy from one thousand or five thousand cars for half an hour and then send it back. Those are all entirely new opportunities opened up by the electric car if it gets standardised and developed hand in hand with the power industry.

Gramatically I can understand this, but it makes no sense for me.
Any ideas?:)
  • Maroseika

    В первом случае речь о согласованности работы энергокомпаний и электромобилей, т.е. удобно, когда зарядка электромобилей происходит ночью (когда энергопотребление города мало) или в сильный ветер (когда ветрякам некуда сбрасывать дополнительную энергию). Во втором случае, "когда все принимаются готовить", неплохо бы позаимствовать энергию у простаивающих электромобилей.
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