a patch to repair a hole in the heart


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Hello, everyone - I'm kind of tangled up in a subject involving words that I do not know in Italian.
Context: I'm relating a story about a family member. I don't want it to sound like a medical treatise, but just a simple lay explanation to set the background for a more contemporary story about this person (subject of another thread). I've looked up "patch" and I've seen some medical articles in Italian that use this word in English. Are there any medical experts out there who can tell me how to talk about this in a simple but clear way. (After some research, I think I've found that this method has been superseded by more modern techniques which are less invasive and do not require surgery.)

When she was only two months old, she had open-heart surgery to repair a hole in her heart with a patch made of GoreTex.
Quando aveva solo due mesi, ha subito un intervento a cuore aperto per la riparazione di un "buco nel cuore" con un
"patch" di GoreTex.

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    Ciao Joan, io opterei per tradurlo con "speciale cerrotto di/in gore-tex". Attendi per ulteriori suggerimenti o conferme però. :)
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