a perfect dismount


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Une fille discute frénétiquement au téléphone avec sa meilleure amie qui vit un imbroglio amoureux. Le copain de cette fille essaie de faire son yoga tranquille pendant qu'a lieu cette conversation. Quand son téléphone meurt, le copain lui dit:

- I call that a perfect dismount. No thanks to you and your mouth.

Je ne comprends pas le sens de "perfect dismount". Lui dit-elle qu'elle lui a gâché son entraînement?

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    Literally it refers to a perfectly-executed ending move of a gymnastics routine on bars, beam, or rings, where the gymnast leaps or somersaults off the apparatus back on to the regular floor. Réception, d'après le dictionnaire du site ? or sortie ?

    I don't think it's used literally here, though. [...]
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    You have three characters here and it's unclear which she is she, whose telephone dies and which copain is speaking to who.

    I think it means that the copain whose yoga was being disturbed by the two best friends is happy when her telephone dies. Her must be the girl in the yoga room.?? and he (copain) says to her (copine in yoga room) "I call that the perfect ending of the exercises ("dismount" in gymnastics). No thanks to you and your big mouth." It's a bit odd to use gymnastics in a yoga situation - but I think that's the meaning.

    And yes he is criticizing her for ruining his yoga routine.
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