A person who always allows other people to dominate them


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Hello every body
Please imagine we are going to convey the message that someone would never get anywhere until they stops letting people walk all over them and prevent others to allow themselves to dominate them (not being submissive person.) E.g suppose a parent who are worried about their child who has a submissive character.
In the case I painted, please let me know which one of the choices below in the self-made example of mine would work better in the manner that my sentence could seem to be more natural:
The child's father says to his mother:
- He will never get anywhere until he stops being such a..............
a) doormat
b) submissive person
For me, they both work properly.
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    I think "a doormat" is more idiomatic - although it can seem insulting.
    For b) I would be more inclined to say "stops being so submissive" (they know he is a person)


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    "Shrinking violet" is also used for "submissive person". I have no idea where the phrase came from.

    ADDENDUM: 'Shrinking violet' - meaning and origin of this phrase

    shy or modest person.


    Anyone coming across the expression 'shrinking violet' for the first time might be excused for being confused. You might wonder who Violet was and why she might be, like Alice in Wonderland, telescoping down to the size of a guinea-pig.
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