a person who can't speak from the birth from a condition


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What do you call a person who can't speak from a medical condition or birth defect?

Is there a noun for it, or do you only indirectly describe them as speech-impaired?

deab, blind, but I havent't heard of what has to do with speaking.
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    Someone who can't speak at all is mute :)

    Speech impairment is generally the result of a brain injury; it implies that the sufferer could once speak.


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    Deaf (can't hear), blind (can't see), dumb (can't speak), mute (can't speak). Those are the 4 standard conditions some people have from birth.

    They are all adjectives. We say a person is deaf/blind/dumb/mute, or we say he is a deaf/dumb/blind/mute person.

    "Mute" is also used as a noun describing a mute person. He is a mute.

    "Dumb" more commonly means "stupid", so you need to be careful using that word.
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