a person who didn't receive diploma

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I'm listing the educational level of people working in a plant. I need to know how you call a person who, for any reason, has stopped studying before receiving diploma. Here is my list, how should I fill the blank?

  • kayokid

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    Hello. I do not know any term that can be/is used for this in this situation (on a form). The only thing that I have seen is something/some phrase like this:

    did not graduate
    did not receive a degree/diploma
    no diploma/degree received

    Also possible is to phrase the question in a form such as: Choose the highest level of education/degree/diploma received (and then list the options).

    Hope this helps...


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    For this kind of education, it is very important to specify the country and the variety of English you are interested in.

    If this is for US English (AE), I would suggest "some high school" for your first blank line and "high school diploma" instead of "diploma" because there can be diplomas at various levels.

    Just to complicate matters, in the US some people have not finished their BA, but are not in an institution that grants AA degrees. Do you want to indicate that? I would use "some college".
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