a person who lacks sleep


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In my country there are two discrete words for

1)' a person who needs to go to sleep' = 'sleepy', 'drowsy' and
2)' a person who didn't sleep well last night or didn't sleep at all (or little), therefore is sleepy or drowsy'

I wonder if there is any counterpart in English.

I have found 'sleepless' , but it is night that can be sleepless, not a person.

I have also found 'dozy' , which seems to be the best choice, but are there any better ?
  • Keith Bradford

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    English (Midlands UK)
    "Tired" can be opposed to sleepy, though it does apply to both conditions. In technical works you might find "sleep-deprived" but it's not an everyday term. There's also, of course, "insomniac" for someone whose condition becomes chronic.
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