A person who values money above all

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    I am looking for an adjective to describe one of the main characters of SpongeBob SquarePants: Mr. Krabs. I didn't watch the cartoon itself and I don't know what he is like. However, I read on the Internet that he is fond of money. He values money above all.
    I am going to talk about the cartoon in my class tomorrow. So, I need to know what the characters are like. I need words to describe them.


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    Avaricious, rapacious, money grubbing all come to mind.

    If they use the money for personal comfort, then sybaritic (lavishly self-indulgent).

    But note that some people take offense at these terms. I once teased my sister and called her a sybarite. I think it was the only time that she truly got angry with me.


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    That kind of Scrooge-like characters could be described as greedy misers, or more much colloquially as penny-pinching, tight-fisted cheapskates. All those qualifiers are highly disparaging, of course.
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