a person with her feet on the ground

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Can i define a realistic person as a person who has his feet on the ground. What I want to say is if I use the construction a person with her feet on the ground as a synonym of a realistic person. Thank you:)
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    Yes you can.. having your feet on the ground means being realistic/ rational. A simpler way to say this is a "grounded person".

    Susana is a grounded person.


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    I've not heard the expression 'Xxx is a grounded person'.

    Also, to say that someone is grounded could mean that he/she is a young person who is not allowed by his/her parents to go out, as a punishment.


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    For example, you can say about someone "Ah yes, realistic, sensible, he's certainly got his feet on the ground."

    Of course the statement "He's certainly got his feet on the ground" will stand alone.

    I'm not sure about using "grounded" in this context. It's not used in this way in the UK as far as I know.


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    In Am.E, teenagers do get grounded as punishment, meaning that they can't leave the house for any fun activities. You could say, "Roger is grounded this week," meaning he can only go to school and work and come back home, but if you say that Roger is a grounded person, that means he does not become arrogant when he achieves success and stays focused on what's important.


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    Right well, to be grounded by your parents does mean that you can't go anywhere.

    but, to be a grounded person means that you are realistic, rational, reasonable, levelheaded etc... sometimes used with "well"
    he/she is a well-grounded person

    Possibly regional?
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