A Peruvian joint Down Under

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  1. yanis82 Member

    Hello, can somebody help me with this sentence?

    I am translating an article from a restaurante in Peru...

    I need only the translation of the red words!!!

    Thanks in advance!

    Rani, writing from Sydney, reviews La Cocina Peruana, a Peruvian joint Down Under, at Gastranimy, but has mixed feelings about eating anticuchos, the beef heart skewers: (...)
  2. Riverby

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    joint here is colloquial for a cafe or other place for eating and drinking. down under usually means in Australia or New Zealand. Here it presumably means in the southern hemisphere. S
  3. Marxelo

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    En este caso habla de un lugar en Australia ya que menciona que es en Sydney.
  4. yanis82 Member

    Thanks to all!!!!
  5. UNMSM New Member

    When it is used to mean "a place to eat or drink" a joint is what in Peru we would call a Huarique.

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