a photo of me/myself


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1) I had a photo of myself taken.
2) I had a photo of me taken.

1) I had to have myself taken to hospital.
2) I had to have me taken to hospital.

Which of the above-mentioned options are correct? Of couse, I know that we should use "oneself" when the object is the same person as the subject, e.g. "I hate myself."
Here, however, I'm not sure whether in either pair of sentences we can consider the object and the subject the same person. Thanks for your help :)
  • I agree with Parla and pops. I'd think of it this way:

    - I took a photo of myself. (I think we'd all agree it has to be "myself" there.)

    - I had a photo of myself taken. (Although another person is operating the camera, it's still "I" who initiated the action, and the reflexive "myself" refers back to the subject, "I".)