a photocopy or photocopies of application documents


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If I want to express the meaning of "Please provide a photocopy of each of your application documents", can I say

1. Please provide a photocopy of your application documents; or

2. Please provide photocopies of your application documents.

In sentence 1, "a photocopy" and "documents" do not seem to match. Sentence 2 does not clearly convey the meaning that only one photocopy of each document needs to be provided.

I feel confused. Could you guys help me with this?
  • PaulQ

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    1 and 2 both work but are a little vague: I would take 1. to mean one copy of each document. I would take 2. to mean the same except if otherwise specified by context.


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    Because people are familiar with this request and have experience in providing one copy of each page of the application documents, I think most people will know that it's one copy of each document page, no matter how it's described. But people unfamiliar with the process may question what is needed.

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