A phrasal verb meaning "gather"


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Hello. I've run across an interesting exercise in using phrasal verbs.
"I ...(gather) and finally decided to meet with her"
So, what is the best variant? Apparently the speaker is referring to his courage.
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    It is necessary to write down a phrasal verb that has a meaning "gather" itself.
    Could the phrasal verb "pluck up" be used without the word courage, native speakers?
    And also I am wondering whether the phrasals "set down" and "come down" can be used as synonyms in the meaning "stop the flight, lend a plane"
    Thank you, guys. You are so cool


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    If you have to use 'gather', then you can say 'I gathered up my courage . . . '.

    From the WR Dictionary: gather: [~ + up + object] She gathered up her courage.

    But 'plucked up' sounds more natural to me.
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