a piece made to/by/on commission

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Hello guys,

Could somebody make it clear for me, please?
Mosaics, icons and miniatures are made to commission.

Does the preposition ''to'' seem appropriate here? I've come across different variants. What's the best?

Thanks a lot!!!
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    I don't know that I would use any of those. I would probably reword this way:

    We commissioned (all of) these mosaics, icons and miniatures.
    These pieces were (all) commissioned.

    A side advantage of this approach is that the reader won't confuse a commissioned piece (an object you ordered) with a piece being sold on commission (with the seller getting a percentage of the sales price).


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    "made for a commission" is certainly possible. If a particular work or body of artistic work was described as made "on commission," I don't think anyone would confuse it with "on commission" in "sold on commission."

    "to commission" is the wrong preposition.
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