a piece of cake


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If someone write ( she is a piece of cake) means that she is beautiful , is that considered right?
I know that a piece of cake means = easy
But I am doubt if it has another meaning = beautiful.
If it does not mean beautiful ,can you give me idioms which means that a women or somthing is beautiful.

Thank you all for your help
  • The Newt

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    No, "a piece of cake" means something that is easy (to do). You could say "she's a sight to behold / she's quite a piece of eye candy" etc.
    Also, you can say "She's a real looker/She's quite a dish."

    (An example of the usage of "a piece of cake" in its easy meaning would be: "I'm terrible at math, so I was really worried about the algebra test, but it turned out to be a piece of cake." :)
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