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Hello everyone,

There's a saying in Chinese sort of like "We should all have a piece of cemetery to bury the faults of people around us." But I'm not sure if this English sentence works? I'm not sure if this make sense to native speakers. Plz help me out.

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    It does sound odd in English, kevin.

    It reminds me of "we should let bygones be bygones", but somehow I feel that's not quite your context.

    What is your context?


    Thanks perpend,

    Well, it does mean "we should let bygones be bygones." However, it's just a saying, so I don't have context. But I still wonder if it's possible to improve my original sentence.


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    We call the area in the cemetery in which a person is buried a 'plot'.

    You might say "We should each have a cemetery plot to bury the faults of people around us [in]."

    I said 'each' if you mean that every one of us needs our own plot. If you mean that all of us could bury the faults in the same plot, I would say it differently.

    That isn't an English saying, but I believe that people would understand the meaning. (I think it's nice. :) )
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