a piece of clothing

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    Yes, it does, totally :)
    Does that make sense?
    No only does it make sense but it is amazinginly correct. So much so that a whole lot Brazilians might not arrive at it. Seriously! Most "natives" would be mighty confused on how to combine "jeans", which is plural and "roupa", which is singular.

    And, now that we (finally) have the context, it's clear that not a single one of the attempts hits the mark. The expression would not be "a piece of clothing" or similar, but "garment", or "clothes":
    An essential garment for Brazilians are jeans
    Essential clothes for Brazilians are jeans
    But wait, as we may never hear the end of it: how "clothes" and "cloth" seem to be sooo similar, etc., etc,... ;)


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    Anyway, Mr. Houaiss tells us that both singular and plural are correct (although I find the plural form the most correct).


    substantivo masculino de dois números
    tecido de algodão durável, de trama grossa, trançado de modo especial (brim, fustão, ganga ou zuarte), freq. tingido de índigo, us. orign. na confecção de roupas de trabalho (macacões e uniformes).

    So we may say:

    1. Uma roupa essencial para os brasileiros são os jeans.

    2. Uma roupa essencial para os brasileiros é o jeans.
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