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My son is into Thomas the Train, so I often have occasion to talk about his little wooden train set. I would like to say the following...The track is made up of pieces which fit together. I'm leaning toward...

Os trilhos consistem em pecas que se ligam

Can I then say, 'Me de essa peca comprida'?

While on the subject of trains, I think a train car is a 'vagao', but what is a coal car? Is it still a 'vagao'? Um vagao de carvao? What about a flatbed car?
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    In Brazil, any train car is a vagão, however in a strict sense it's more used for those cars dealing with everything but people. For people we generally say carro, taking care to distinguish them whenever needed: carro de passageiros, carro-leito, carro-restaurante, etc.

    A coal car is a (vagão) carvoeiro and the flatbed is a (vagão) plataforma.

    Me dê essa peça comprida or Dê-me essa peça comprida are both OK.
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