a piece of water / a pool of water

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My baby peed on the floor, so there is some water left on the floor. Can I describe this area of water as the following phrases?

1, A piece of water
2, A pool of water.

Is "a piece of water" smaller than "a pool of water"?

  • pob14

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    We don't say "a piece of water," because "piece" implies a solid object.

    I'd say "puddle." It's too small for a "pool." Unless you have a giant baby. :D


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    Water does not have pieces. I think the word you want is "puddle," which can refer to any amount of water smaller than a pool. However, you're not talking about water, though - you'd have to say "pee" or "urine" or one of the euphemisms for urine.

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    In British English I might say "There's a pool of wee on the floor if it was on a non-absorbent floor and had spread out sufficiently. " but "There's a puddle of wee." would be a good choice.

    The word "wee" is used in BE but I don't know if it is used in AE.


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    "The word "wee" is used in BE but I don't know if it is used in AE."

    In AE, one occasionally hears "wee-wee" as a verb, but not "wee" as a noun.
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