a piggy back ride straight to hell

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    I'm translating a movie called Wild Orchid 2.

    A father and a daughter are driving in a car. They are talking about how he met her mum in a town like the one they are passing through right now. This is what he says:

    "F: I was blowing through a town like this when I met your Mum for the first time. Never even talked to her. She was just standing out in front of a little white house, smiling as I drove by.
    D: Then what?
    F: Well, a beautiful girl started haunting me, I played her face over and over again in my head. A month later I came back, gave her a piggy back ride straight to hell."

    What does this sentence mean? He took her for a ride and she sat at the back seat? ... but what is piggy? and straight to hell means that they had some bad times afterwards..?

    Thank you.
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    It's not piggy in isolation: the word/phrase is piggy-back (spelled variously as a single word, a hyphenated word or as two words). It refers to one person carrying another (usually smaller) on their back or shoulders, i.e. giving them a ride. Your interpretation of straight to hell is correct.
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    " gave her a piggy back ride straight to hell." means that, together, but with him in control, they had some bad times afterwards.
  4. EStjarn

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    I'd interpret 'straight to hell' as more serious than 'some bad times'. To me it's more likely to be similar to 'a life of misery'.

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