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Lydia Qiu

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Hi all! My friend wrote

In the time of Hitler, a concentration camp was a place of ghosts.

My friend wanted to describe a concentration camp as a place where devils hold sway. But I doubted that "a place of ghosts" might sound like a haunted place where ghosts show up to scare people. So in this sentence, it may sound more reasonable to compare the Nazi leaders as "devils" rather than "ghosts". I was not sure whether my theory holds water. Can you help me with it? Thanks!
  • sampathronjay

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    I think you can compare them to either group, be it devils or ghosts. But "a place of ghosts" can mean where you get sudden memories about the brutality of the concentration camp and your mind becomes confused with so intense feelings created by looking at them.


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    I think it refers to a place which had been controlled by devils. That means, people who were not humans. People who had no humane feelings. People who treated other human beings with brutality and cruelty. People who harmed human beings. People who killed human beings. People who disregarded the very name of humanity. So it means, that place was inhabited by a set of people like that.


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    Reading that sentence, I would assume it refers to a place that is inhabited by ghosts (the prisoners). The prisoners of concentration camps were pale and thin as skeletons. "A place of" is also not very clear if you want to refer to a group that is a small minority of the people there.
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