a pleasure meeting you all <at/in> the event


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I just got home from a very formal and big event. I wrote a short post, not sure if its correct or native.

Great honor to be invited to the xxxxxxxx conference. Such a pleasure meeting you all at(in?) the event. Big thanks to the xxx organization and the host of every city (we've been to several cities during the event). Best wishes to all of you.

I really want this post to sound like a native speaker. Please help me with that! Thank you
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    Welcome to the forum, chicagopannan!

    We can't proofread or rewrite your entire message here, but if you have a specific question about a word or phrase in it, we'll be happy to help. :)


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    1. such a pleasure meeting you all at the event

    2. such a pleasure meeting you all in the event

    which one is correct? or should i say "meeting all of you"
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