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    I wanted to translate a poem from Goethe which I received in Turkish.
    This one here:

    Bakmadan kara,yağmura,
    Göğüs vererek rüzgâra,
    Kayalar içinde ıslak,
    Sisleri aşıp koşarak,

    I managed to translate a bit of it, but wasn't enough to understand.
    I'd be very grateful if someone would help me with it (or tell me the English title, if you know this poem).

    Thank you in advance. :)
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  2. aslan

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    Central Anatolia
    Turkiye Turkish
    Spite of snow or rain
    Standing up to wind
    Wet among the rocks
    Pass over the fogs by running

    Translating a poem is too much for me, However, I consider that You can get meaninig at least,
  3. Mindlevery Senior Member

    Thank you! :)
    Well, yes translating a poem is far too much for me as well...:)

    Actually...I was most interested in the next two lines of the poem, but I didn't know about quotation-rules (sorry about that)...
  4. mrayp Member

    Amenglish, Turkish
    This seems to be a very liberal translation of Goethe's "Rastlose Liebe", "Restless Love".

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