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  1. swayingrass Banned

    When Linda said the Wangs were welcome to the dinner party tonight, it was only a polite gesture.

    Does "a polite gesture" sound idiomatic in the above? How can it be a polite gesture rather than a polite diplomacy? Thanks.
  2. Gordonedi

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    The sentence is clear and idiomatic.
    An invitation and a welcome can be referred to as gestures.
    Linda's welcome was diplomatic. She was showing diplomacy.
    (In this context diplomacy does not take the indefinite article.)
  3. Moreover, I feel like the adjective "polite" does not make perfect sense when used together with "diplomacy" since the latter already suggests politeness.
  4. Nunty

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    A gesture is not only a movement with the hand or arm. It can also be a social act.

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