a por / la condenada cocina mejor


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Cada día cocinaba mejor la condenada. Y qué buena estaba. Bueno, a por el rape, que olía bien, y a por el ordenador.

Context: married couple about to have dinner.

1. Is the first phrase a saying, or anything? I can't make sense of it. In the dictionary there is also: "clever" for "condenado" ??

2. A por. And god, it was good. Well, over to/going to get the monkfish, which smelled lovely, and over to/going to get the computer.

Not sure I understand this!

Many thanks for any help. :)
  • Txiri

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    a por: "Let's get xxx!", "after xxx";

    here I think your idea of "and on to x" is great.


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    Condenado/a: happy, fortunate, lucky.

    But also "dammed"

    In your case I think "lucky goose"

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