a positive battery of charcoal fires


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The kitchen at our villa was enormous enough, but this kitchen simply dwarfed it.
It was stone-flagged and at one end a positive battery of charcoal fires glowed and winked under the bubbling pots.
("Birds, Beasts, and Relatives" by Gerald Durrell)

What role does 'positive' play here?
Is it used here to emphasise an enormous scale of a battery of charcoal fires?

  • PaulQ

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    Here, 'positive' = downright; out-and-out; real; absolute/etc. It is emphatic. (It is a better word for the context than the often misused, 'literal')


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    Hi suprun, not the scale, but the verisimilitude, or "realness", of the metaphor battery. It was a veritable battery of fires.
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