a positive ID <on> the body


Mulder is doubting that a dead body was belonged to a specific person. He asks a medical examiner:
— How did you know? [that it was him]
— It said so on the toe tag.
— Who made positive ID on the body?
The X-Files, TV series

1. Does the ON here mean "relating to"?

2. Would OF also work here?

  • Glenfarclas

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    To be clear, that's because of the logical division of the sentence: "[To make positive ID] with respect to [the body]." In other sentences "of" would be appropriate. Compare:

    I need to know time of death on that body.
    I need to know the weight of that body.​


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    In the context we're talking about here, it is.

    "Police found the body of a hiker in the woods."
    "Was he still alive?!" :thumbsdown::rolleyes:
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