A present really isn’t a present unless it is wrapped in a paper.


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The following three questions are from a reading comprehension test.

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3. Where is the best fit for the sentence given.

A present really isn’t a present unless it is wrapped in a paper.

Paper is not only useful for preserving information. In its role as a wrapping material, paper also does a good job of hiding it. (①) What would birthdays be like without this material, which performs the role of building excitement and anticipation better than all others? (②) I have received presents wrapped in cloth, or hidden in a cupboard, but nothing has the magic of wrapping paper. (③) It is the paper that, by concealing and revealing an object, ritualizes the act of giving and receiving, turning that object into a gift. (④) This is not just a cultural association. (⑤) The material has fundamental properties that make it ideal for this role.

The answer is ③. But, I think it doesn't matter if I choose ③ or ④. What do you think?

Thank you.
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    In tests and exams, we need to use all the information provided.

    In position (3), the given sentence not only links forward to the explanation following, it also links back to the negative statement preceding.


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    As an aside, I see these questions (this and the several other related to it) as logical, rather than language ones. True, logic can only be applied if you do comprehend what you are reading, but different people will follow different logic.
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