a privilege denied to many


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Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.

I wish I had said that! But I would like to find a good translation for it.

« Ne regrettez pas de vieillir. C'est un privilège qui n’est pas accordé à tout le monde ».

Any other suggestions ?

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    Can't someone pse help with a translation of the above?

    I'd like to change the wording slightly.
    It's for incorporation in a speech.
    How about the following?

    Le vieillissement - on ne doit jamais s’en plaindre.
    C'est un privilège refusé à beaucoup.

    Merci d'avance.
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    OK thanks.
    I presume that your suggestion could well be followed by my "C'est un privilège refusé à beaucoup."


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    Assuming after reading post #3 that the complete sentence / common wording is something like : Don't regret growing older; it's a privilege denied to many.
    I always understood this as : Don't complain about your age. Some people die (too) young, without a chance to grow older.

    I wouldn't be likely to say « nous » in that specific context.

    Recurring quotes found on Internet :
    « Il ne faut pas se plaindre de vieillir. C'est un privilège qui n'est pas donné à tout le monde.
    « Il ne faut pas regretter de vieillir. C’est un privilège que beaucoup n’auront pas. »
    « Ne vous plaignez pas de vieillir. Tout le monde n'a pas ce privilège ».

    I also like the suggestions given in the other thread.
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    Thanks 'Nicomon' for chipping in at the 11th hour.
    Yes, I now remember that the first part of the original was indeed, "Don't regret growing older".
    And your interpretation is correct.
    I may well amend my speech in light of your quotes and the submission by SwissPete in the other thread.
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