a problem that would work that wasn’t already solved


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He also draws out each episode’s whiteboards. Once he had to come up with an equation for the characters to solve over several episodes. “It’s hard to think about a problem that would work that wasn’t already solved,” he said. But when he started slogging through an equation for his own research on a particle called an axion, he worked it into the script.

(This comes from ozy.com The Physicist Behind "The Big Bang Theory's" Nerd Cred by Melissa Pandika on March 01, 2014.)

Does the blue part mean: A problem that would work and at the same time it wasn't already solved? If yes, what does "a problem that would work" mean?

Thanks in advance!
  • Barque

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    In this context, "a problem that would work" probably means "a suitable problem", one that he could use for the series.
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