a protracted admission

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zita beretta

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France - French
Hello everybody,
I'm totally puzzled with "admission a protracted admission". I thought it was "admitted", "for a long time", but somebody told me it could be "an admission of guilt", a "confession", " a forced confession".
What do you think of it?
Context : Song
And to cause more confusion and to take a dis-illusion
Et causer plus de confusion et provoquer une dés-illusion
Would have gone too far
Aurait été aller trop loin
And it's by admission a protracted admission
Et tu es admis admis pour une longue durée ??????
Merci d'avance for any attempt, even without any translation, in french or english.
  • jforres1

    Canada/ English
    That is a tricky one! I have never heard this term used before. But if I was just to look at the two words in the sentence I can offer you a guess at its meaning.

    Protracted- To prolonge, to make something longer than necessary.

    Admission- To make a statement or declaration

    But when I put these two words together is still seems bizzare.

    It might be an odd sentence simply because it is a song. Songs will often sacrifice grammer rules and proper english for poetic lyrics or to fit the rhythm of the song.

    I think more context is needed as the definitions of these words can change.
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