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Discussion in 'English Only' started by Terrorizer, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Terrorizer Senior Member

    I am wondering what does a "puzzle book" mean.
    Is it some kind of collection of books or magazines to collect (buying one by one, every week for example?) or
    is it a book that is partialy empty inside you have.to complete it yourself like crossword?
  2. pob14 Senior Member

    Central Illinois
    American English
    It's a book containing puzzles.
  3. Beryl from Northallerton Senior Member

    British English
    I suppose it might be either. Where did you come across the term? Do you have a sample sentence? (Cross-posted)
  4. Terrorizer Senior Member

    I just received a list of words at school.
    There are some terms such as Magazine, Newspaper and this Puzzle book...
    My duty is to learn what are.they and what are the differences :p
    Well i didn't know the english meaning of the word "puzzle'.
    Now it seems easier to me , thank you
  5. pob14 Senior Member

    Central Illinois
    American English
    Here are some puzzle books sold by Amazon.
  6. Terrorizer Senior Member

    Thank you for your support.
    I just did not realise that puzzle means the same as riddle.
    In my country word puzzle refers only to this kind of game:
    Edit. Oh well i have some issues with posting link here through my cell fone but i mean kind of game where u put blocks together and they usualy give you some nice picture when you put them all together
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  7. pob14 Senior Member

    Central Illinois
    American English
    I think you're talking about what we call a jigsaw puzzle. A puzzle can be lots of different things here.

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