a qué profundidad nada (un animal)

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    In a news article about the National Geographic Society putting cameras on loggerhead turtles(caguama) for research in BCS(southern baja), Mexico, I find "nada" used in a way that seems a little unusual to me:

    "Una vez conocido el hábitat con el Crittercam, se puede identificar de qué se alimenta este animal, a qué profundidad nada, en qué zona nada y cada cuánto sale a respirar."

    My translation:

    Once the habitat is know with the Crittercam, one can identify what this animal eats, at what depth, in what zone, and how often it surfaces to breath.

    Así que, estoy tratando de entender el significado de la palabra "nada" en este caso. Me parece que no es necesario. Cualquier explicación es muy apreciada.

    El reportaje completo está aquí: http://www.oem.com.mx/elsudcaliforniano/notas/n2215889.htm
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    nadar (verb) -> to swim

    nada (pronoun) -> nothing

    The animal swims very fast -> El animal nada muy rápido.

    I hope it helps, nada is necessary! :)
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    it is referring where the animal swims, and in the places she swims, the turtle...
  4. Chris K Senior Member

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    ...how often it surfaces to breathe.
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    Gracias Hector, ahora entiendo que la palabra significa "nadar" en este caso, que se traduce como:

    " ... at which depth it swims, the zone in which it swims, ... "
  6. Hector9

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    You're welcome WoodRat, good luck! :D
  7. gringuitoloco Senior Member

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    There's a really common joke about the two uses that pretty much everyone knows:

    ¿Qué hace un pez?
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