a quarter past ten / quarter past ten

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  1. RaquelRo Member

    Santa Fe, Argentina
    Argentina, Spanish
    Hi! I have recently heard of the use of "a" before "quarter past or to". Can anybody tell me which is the difference, if there is one?
  2. Gabita Senior Member

    Fort Worth, TX
    Spanish (Argentina)
    The meaning is the same.
  3. Jacobtm Senior Member

    English - New York
    I think it's correct to say "a quarter past/to" but people will frequently just drop the "a" when speaking. In fact, in lots of phrases people just drop the first word or first few words if it can be understood. For instance, when people mean:

    "What time is it?"
    "It's a quarter past ten"

    They might often say:

    "Time is it?"
    "Quarter past ten."
  4. SydLexia Senior Member

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    UK English
    In the UK too.

    '(A) quarter past/to..' (but never 'a half past...')

  5. RaquelRo Member

    Santa Fe, Argentina
    Argentina, Spanish
    OK. Great answers! Thanks a lot!!!
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