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  1. Hello guys,

    I need to translate this sentence from Italian into English: "come scrivono gli editori, nella loro introduzione a quattro mani".
    My first attempt would be: "as the publishers write in their introduction", but I am really afraid of the expression "a quattro mani", which is very metaphorical and typical of Italian. I don't know whether the English uses the same ("four hands?") to give the idea of a collaboration between to persons in a work/activity.
    I would opt for "four hands", but it sounds really literal, and to be honest I have never come across it among English natives. But I wait for some suggestions, and I do thank you in advance for your help.
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    Hi Zia, benvenut@

    Could you please give us the whole sentence?

    You are right - "four hands" is not an expression we use in English, but if you give us the full sentence, we can hopefully find a more idiomatic translation :)
  3. Hello Tegs,
    thank you very much for your immediate help.
    The whole sentence is: "come gli editori scrivono nella loro introduzione a quattro mani, il ruolo che Scott svolge nello sviluppo del romanzo europeo è oggi dato per scontato in sede critica".
    My attempt is: "as the publishers write in their introduction [...], today scholars take for granted the role Scott plays in the development of European novel"-rather, in the passive form "the role Scott plays in the development of European novel is taken for granted by scholars today".
    A quattro mani means here that the introduction has been written together by them both- in fact, it has both their "signatures".
    Hope it could be of some help!
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    Tegs Mód ar líne

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    Thanks for the phrase. I'd say in this case, steer clear of literal translation. If there are only two editors, you could say:

    "As the editors write in their joint introduction"

    I think also you are referring to editors, and not publishers ;) An editor is a person who reads what the author has written and changes it (corrects the mistakes etc) before it is printed. A publisher is the person (or, more often, the company) who prints the book when it's finished.
  5. london calling Senior Member

    ...write in their joint introduction, maybe.:)

    PS. Piano four hands is used, but only when talking about two people playing piano together in a duet.:)

    Ha! Great minds....:D
  6. Thank you both for your collaboration. Yes, the image is borrowed from piano playing, and is used in other contexts as well so as to give the idea of a joint work between two persons. But I was quite sure English is not so metaphorical as Italian is sometimes!

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