A que hora con ese papá que tengo


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I came across this when watching a telenovela colombiana.

An older guy is talking to his very young new girlfriend whose father is very strict. They are at his house and when they see her friend kissing her boyfriend and heading to the bedroom together, the older guy suggests they do the same. She refuses then says:

- Pues que yo todavía soy una señorita (I assume implying that she is still a virgin)

- Eso es verdad?

- Sí......a qué hora con ese papá que tengo..

My translation would be: Yeah I am, How could I not be (a virgin) with a dad as strict as mine..
I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's what she's implying. If that's the case I'd like to know if this "a qué hora" phrase is common and if it used much because I've never heard of it. Could someone explain it with some examples?

Thanks a lot, I love este foro.
  • gato radioso

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    Never heard of it.
    "A que hora..." just means "What time", when you ask someone what time something happens, at least in Spain.


    Colombian Spanish
    It's very common in Colombia and it means that there's no time to do what people want or wish. It's like when you are asking someone to go to the movies but he/she has a lot of work to do. Or sometimes it could mean that something it's not true: "You're cheating on me! "A qué hora(s) if we're always together?
    And I think this is the case of the situation you mentioned: "señorita" means she is a virgin but it's just because her father hadn't given the chance of losing it because he is very strict.
    I hope I made myself clear.
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