A question on morphemes & lexemes in Persian

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Persian - Iran
1 - In the following words I have separated morphemes with a hyphen, are they correctly placed?

dast-hâ-ye-ŝ-ân / دست-ها-ی-ش-ان (their hands)
raft-é-am / رفت-ه- ام (I have gone)
mi-did-am / می-دید-م (I used to see)
teŝn-e-gi-ŷ / تشن-گی- ای (the thirst..) - I added e to the Latinized version since despite the dropping of the 'silent h' in teŝné/تشنه, it is still pronounced.

2 -In the case of mididam / میدیدم, would the whole word be a lexeme, i.e. do its morphemes count as inflections, including mi- (a verbal prefix)?
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