a question with a structure of a possitive sentence


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Could I ask, I was taught that when I want to ask something, but I expect a possitive answer I can use this structure:
for example:
I met a member of ** and I ask him:

You come from Asia? (I am almost certain he does)

Thank you.
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    You can say "You come from Asia?", yes - especially when you expect an affirmative answer. However, if you want to say something colloquial, you should say it in a colloquial way:

    "So, you come from Asia, right?"
    "You're from Asia, eh?"

    Also note that there is a difference between being Asian​ and "coming from Asia." There are lots of ethnically Asian people who come from America, Mexico, Canada, France, even Slovakia.

    This is off-topic, but it seems important:
    I met a member of yellow race and I ask him...
    Please don't ever call Asian people "yellow." It's rather racist.
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