A quien corresponda

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  1. gms Senior Member

    Argentina, spanish
    Hi everybody, I need some help.
    I´m writing a letter and I don´t know the name of the person to whom I should address it. In spanish I would address this letter to: A quien corresponda (becasuse I don´t know who is in charge of sector). How can I say this in english? Some people told me I should use "To whom it may concern" but other people told me that "To whom it may concern" translates into spanish as "A quien le pueda interesar" wich it´s not at all what I want to say!

    Thanks in advance for your effort!
  2. Vicki Senior Member

    United States/English
    "To whom it may concern" is the usual and appropriate way of addressing such letters.

    Hope this helps.

  3. esance

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    Agree with Vicki, "to whom it may concern", I have received some letters with that heading.

    Saludos :)

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