A quoi sert de vivre libre

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  1. kate123 Senior Member

    here is my phrase:
    A quoi sert de vivre libre

    how is this translated?

    and in

    A onze heure, il est parti and

    Il est parti á onze heures

    why is the a used differently? why not Á onze heure, il est parti?
    is there a particular reason for this or is it
    'just the way it is' in french?
  2. linguist786 Senior Member

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    I think it's trying to say "What's the point in living freely?"


    It's because when it's a capital, it isn't always necessary to put the accent on. (You can do it if you want, but you don't have to) That's all.
  3. kate123 Senior Member

    thanks linguist786
  4. Gil Senior Member

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    I disagree:
    Source: there

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