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I'm trying to tell someone
This is a quote from the movie "The green mile"
Diese ist eines zitats aus dem film "Die Grüne Meile "

Danke für Ihre Helfe
  • makalei

    They are German, and the quote is from John Coffey. He says "He a bad man"
    not he's a bad man. Which to me translates = Er ist ein schlechter Mensch
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    I would translate it: "Er ein schlechter Mensch." or "Er schlechter Mensch" (if I want to emphasize the bad grammar). If you can find the translation in the German Movie version, I would use the original translation.

    This is in case they do not speak English or you do not know about it.

    In a publication I would prefer the original translation if possible.


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    Hutschi, "The Green Mile" (novel and film) was advertized, sold and broadcasted in Germany under its English title. Even the "allesfilm"-critic uses the original title everywhere apart from the headline. So, I would leave it in English, as Frank proposed.

    For the rest I agree.
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