A&R Rep (Artist and Repertoire Representative)

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  1. zozie99 New Member

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    What is the best french term for "A&R rep", which stands for Artist and Repertoire Representative, or someone who scouts talent for record labels, when used in the following context?
    A&R reps visit Myspace pages in search of new musical talent.

  2. willemijns Member

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    "découvreur de nouveaux talents" ???
  3. Bibithefirst New Member

    I have the same question, I'm trying to find the translation for A&R representative. I know it can be the person who discovers new talent and that can be translated as "découvreur de nouveaux talents" but I'm looking for the translation of A&R rep when it refers to the person who acts as a liaison between the artists and the record label when the band is already signed. Does anybody know how we call this person in French?
    Thank you for your help.
  4. Parigigi Senior Member

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    "Directeur artistique" est une bonne traduction.

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